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Uma lives in beautiful California with his wife, their twins, and their Golden. He practices his (relatively) newly developed passion for writing when he has free time besides practicing his other newly developed interest - swings on the golf course. Being passionate about exploring different cultures, places, people, and cuisine, Uma enjoys traveling around the world with his family

Fun Fact: The Vanka family only celebrates 2 birthdays a year as his twins share a birthday and Uma and his wife share one, being born on the same day on opposite sides of the world


Uma is a seasoned digital business transformation specialist. Digital transformation is complicated with many moving parts. Uma’s knowledge spans across a broad range of technologies and associated industry trends, putting him in the best position to drive business value with a 360-degree view. Although his experience is broad, he is specialized in ERP-based and cloud-based enterprise transformation. He played several executive roles at big-4 / top-notch management consulting firms. He takes pride in being a trusted C-level advisor while being extremely hands-on.


Uma is a very hands-on leader with knowledge across a breadth of stable as well as emerging technologies and their impacts on a wide range of industry sectors (2 books under publication and numerous articles and blogs published.) An effective transformation strategy must start with clear goals, driven by business value and the path includes non-technical (operating model adjustments, change management etc.) as well as technical inroads, which is an extremely broad topic – business systems, cloud, bigdata, analytics, edge, AI / ML, connected devices (IoT,) blockchain, AR, VR, XR, metaverse to name a few. Uma is well positioned to deploy the right technology to securely drive business value.

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Having spent his entire career thus far in professional services where the key assets are people, Uma understands and masters leading and growing people. Uma has experience of building and leading large teams (600+) from scratch in various capacities. Uma not only mentors his team, but he is also a personal enrichment coach by passion, guiding outside professionals through talks at various venues and his publications. His servant-style empathetic leadership stands him apart, which is also built on the principle of ‘trust, but verify,’ which he calls “Nuclear Style Leadership.”



Minimize sales spending & maximize profitable sales: these are the 2 primary goals of anyone involved in sales. Having the ownership responsibility of parts of his firm’s businesses (P&L) across industries as well as geographies, Uma is specialized in crafting differentiative go-to-market strategies that result in exponential growth. He is uniquely positioned to help develop IP due to his thought leadership, which has proven to build successful businesses from scratch. While the devil is the details, his creative thinking, long-term focus, and bold attitude have contributed to his success.

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Having successfully delivered numerous transformation programs for decades of all sizes ($100K - $300M; 3 - 600+ resources,) Uma mastered the art of delivering complex global programs, particularly ERP and cloud-based transformations. Uma authored a hybrid methodology to bring the best from waterfall and agile. Clear contract & charter, right level of planning, inclusive (people-focused) execution, focus on mitigating risks before they turn into issues and emphasis on delivering the value from the business case are a few keys to Uma’s success.

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Published in 2020

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Leadership. Communication. Branding.

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Evolving Technologies and the Roadmap to Tomorrow

How Emerging Technologies are Transforming Industry and Societies

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Uma speaks at various venues on key topics such as leadership, personal development, technology, and the future. He is particularly passionate about universities and colleges. Please e-mail to make a speaking arrangement. Mention #speaking request# in the subject line for faster response.

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